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我希望我们住在一个园艺季节更长的地方。Utah takes so long to bust out spring and then it feels as if it's only around for a week or so and it's blazing hot already.And then,我觉得这很可悲,冬天还没来得及来临。We have such a short time to garden which is why we have to make the most of it.We decided to team up with麦考密克and bring you our 5 gardening tips and tomato gratin so that we can all get the most out of gardening.


And let's be honest,it's hard to grow absolutely everything so we compensate by signing up for a CSA like,Bountiful Baskets in our area.It's fun to get 威廉希尔公司买足球something new and helps you to not only eat fresh and local but to really play around with your meals as well.Like this tomato gratin for example.这是新鲜的,很容易,而且有点刺激,这使得在任何晚上都能享受到美妙的时光。In fact,我们独自吃了一堆新鲜水果,上床睡觉时感觉很饱,没有吃得太多。


我们喜欢加一点麦考密克美食地面辣椒或美食烟熏辣椒。It's still fresh and light with the basil but the heat pairs so well with the tomatoes and is totally unexpected.


但回到园艺。My mom and dad have the best garden ever.It also happens to be huge which means we can drive the few hours to their house and take home a little piece of the bounty for ourselves.And the kids are totally expected to help which is so good for them to get these tips ingrained in them.

1.Always begin by tilling a good mulch into your garden plot.我们将在10月份有更多关于这方面的内容,但你要从早春开始,直到种植前几次。

.把蛋壳保存一整年,然后把它们碾进你种的洞里,就像,西红柿,squash or peppers.The calcium helps set the roots and helps with bug control.


3.通常在开始时除草,有时在收获时除草。Those pesky weeds aren't just making your garden look like a mess,但是它们正在吸收你的植物所需要的水和营养,这将导致植物死亡或减产。除草不是最有趣的,but it is absolutely essential for a good harvest.

4.Always check the PH level of your soil and add a proper fertilizer for the type of soil.We fertilize at the same time we plant.Also,use soaker hoses for peas and raspberries so the water gets right in there and sprinklers (mom and dad always have big ones on poles that shoot over the whole garden) for the rest of the garden.

5。Don't over or under water your plants when they are looking a little sad,it's probably not a watering issue.I know,这是个棘手的问题,但当人们看到树叶颜色变浅,看起来他们需要水,but you've been watering per the seed or plant instructions it's most likely a nutrient issue.A good garden fertilizer is exactly what you need.把它放在植物周围,继续适当浇水,它们就会立刻活跃起来!!

Once you're harvesting make sure you can and freeze produce for winter to make the most of it and try keeping things simple.For example,we love fresh veggies but adding just a little olive oil and a favorite McCormick Gourmet spice to it like McCormick Gourmet spice Paprika and then roasting in the oven totally enhances the flavor without dunking in unnecessary sauces.


Gratin is a technique in which an ingredient is topped with a browned crust,often using breadcrumbs,grated cheese,egg or butter.

What Tomatoes Are Best For Roasting??


Cherry,grape,梅子,and roma tomatoes hold up really well when roasted,but all tomatoes have an enhanced,robust flavor when roasted.

What Cheese Goes Well With Roasted Tomatoes??

Five of the best cheeses to pair with roasted tomatoes are:

Mozzarella,ricotta,山羊奶酪,帕尔马干酪,and cream cheese.


Tomato Gratin


  • 2杯葡萄番茄
  • 1 cup mozzarella
  • 1/3 cup parmesan cheese,grated
  • 2/3杯panko面包屑
  • 1/4茶匙麦考密克美食磨砂卡宴或麦考密克美食烟熏辣椒酱
  • 1 tablespoon garlic
  • 1 teaspoon dry parsley
  • 1汤匙罗勒,chopped


  1. Heat the oven to 400.
  2. In a pie dish,add the tomatoes,a drizzle of olive oil,and mozzarella.
  3. 在一个小盘子里,结合帕尔马干酪,panko,cayenne,garlic and dry parsley.
  4. 把番茄放在上面,在每样东西上淋一点橄榄油。
  5. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden.

Nutrition Information

产量:4份,Serving Size:1

  • 每次服务的数量:
  • Calories:175 Calories
  • 总脂肪:9.2g
  • Cholesterol:28.5mg
  • Carbohydrates:1.2克
  • 纤维:1.5g
  • Sugar:3G
  • Protein:11.5g
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7 comments on"5 Gardening Tips and Tomato Gratin"“

  1. Thanks for the recipe!你试过其他种类的西红柿吗?I have lots of large ones and not too many small ones!!

  2. I seriously have a BLACK thumb.我要杀死一切我想要生长的东西。你父母有一个令人惊叹的花园!!!!Love the gratin.

  3. It doesn't get better than fresh ripe tomatoes and McCormick spices for flavor!!

  4. I was a chronic over-waterer,but one of my favorite gardening workshops taught me not to fear letting my plants"dry off"(different from"dry out").我们都喜欢泡个澡,but we don't want to sit in the tub for days!Okay,也许我们中的一些人会。一杯酒和一本好书。但是,I'm sure learning that alone has saved me a lot of plants.(Thanks also for the tomato gratin recipe..我只能吃这么多番茄汤!)

  5. Thanks for sharing the gardening tips,Carrian!过去,我对过度浇水感到内疚,并且学会了在我认为植物需要水的时候让它们生长。Note to self: start checking the Ph of the soil next year… Loving the tomato gratin!!

  6. 威廉希尔网址Recipes like this make me extra happy I have cherry tomato plants growing in my garden.我总是有麦考密克调味料。Love!!