Cinnamon Roll Cookies





直到有了这些,你才会活着cinnamon roll cookies.You don't have to spend hours makingcinnamon rolls,just make饼干。


This post for cinnamon roll cookies is a little different because I'm sharing another story from my darling Grandma.I adapted the recipe from Picky Palate's snicker doodle like cookie because I was dying to try them but then I got crazy and changed it into a cinnamon roll cookie thanks to thecinnamon roll frosting从昨天开始。

这些是我们用的肉桂片。当假期持续一年的时候,我买了几个袋子,但是今年我不得不买“>8个包裹穿过亚马逊。Yes,I do that because this混合型混合料香蕉SnickerdoodleCake are amazing.

不管怎样,她姐姐中风了,她很伤心。我讨厌我们都要变老,经历这么多。奶奶已经花了将近90年的时间去爱别人,做各种各样的好人,我想确保别人了解她。她有如此惊人的故事,我们非常幸运,有一本书,她写的生活。这个故事是我最喜欢的故事之一,but the厕所那里也很漂亮。And if you'd like to read more of our favorite stories here are a couple in these posts for,,传家宝苹果卷,和Grandpa's Famous BBQ Pork.



Sweet Revenge

关于Ex-LaxWilliam Hill棒球的故事

“我们学校只是一个小乡村学校,所以我们认识每一个人,并且通常和大家是朋友。I had a cousin in my grade who used to go out of his way to tease and needle me.Every time I turned around he pulled some mean little trick to make me look silly in front of my friends.我们用雪橇送他和他的妹妹们去上学,但是他们总是让我们迟到,因为他们从来没有真正准时。哦,how I hated to be late.因此,我对表妹的感情是:never really friendly.也许这就是他对我刻薄的原因。
During my young years,我沉默寡言,害羞,but there was a bit of mischief tucked up inside of me.有一天,我表哥想尽一切办法让我难过。不管我多么努力地躲开他,他总是不知从哪里冒出来。我几乎可以看到角发芽,那个恶魔般的笑容让我很紧张。我一直在想接下来会发生什么。I decided that I had had enough.I had a piece of chocolate ex-lax (laxative) in my pencil box.It looked like a delicious piece of candy except it said"“松懈”on the top of it.I took my little scissors out of my desk and ever so carefully scraped those revealing letters off.
At recess I sneaked the laxative out of the box and ran out to the playground.My cousin wasn't hard to find because it seemed as if there were always a dozen of him–lurking by the swings or giant stride or slide,grinning and announcing what color bloomers I was wearing.Ohhhhhh!I'll get even with him today!!
I walked up to him so sweetly and said,“如果你愿意做我的朋友,不再取笑我,我就给你一块糖。”What a trusting,容易上当的孩子!He swallowed the line and the laxative in one gulp.天哪,我真的没想到他会这么容易做到。I felt pretty smug and wondered if he'd feel like grinning tomorrow.
我现在笑了,有时William Hill棒球摸摸我的额头,看看我是否也有角。I don't.我又变成那个害羞的乡下小女孩了。”“

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies


  • 1 stick of salted butter,软化
  • 半杯红糖
  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 1 large egg,whisked
  • 3/4茶匙香草
  • 1 1/4杯面粉
  • 2 tablespoons french vanilla pudding
  • 1/2茶匙小苏打
  • 1/2茶匙肉桂
  • 1 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1杯肉桂片
  • 肉桂卷霜


  1. 把烤箱加热到350度。
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silpat.
  3. 在搅拌机里,combine the sugars,and butter.
  4. 混合1分钟,然后加入香草和鸡蛋,再混合15秒。
  5. 在一个小碗里,whisk together the flour,布丁,小苏打和肉桂。
  6. Add the wet and dry ingredients together.
  7. Mix for 30 seconds and add the cinnamon and white chocolate chips.
  8. 把面团舀到烤盘上烤10分钟。
  9. Meanwhile,把肉桂卷磨成霜。
  10. 从烤箱中取出饼干,冷却并结霜,或者霜冻,再加上一块饼干!!


Yield: 24 cookies or 12 whoopies,Serving Size:

  • Amount Per Serving:
  • 卡路里:275卡路里
  • 总脂肪:12.4G
  • Cholesterol:37.5mg
  • Carbohydrates:40.2g
  • 纤维:3.2克
  • Sugar:30.2g
  • Protein:2.2g
All images and text © Carrian Cheney for Oh Sweet Basil.


The frosting that tastes like an actual cinnamon roll.肉桂卷霜?I just fell in love
White chocolate molasses cookies糖蜜白巧克力馅饼干来自100多年前,仍然是最好的党节日饼干有。







  1. 真是个天才的主意!They are so delicious and have such a unique flavor.

  2. 我误解并使用了预制的香草布丁,就像在快餐包里(不是粉末),结果它们很好吃。Honestly,I think it just made them more chewy and moist.Now I've done it both ways,而且它们总是很好吃。喜欢这个食谱。

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  5. 嗨,这道菜听起来很美味,我只是想问一下——布丁是粉的还是熟的?Also could you put it a link for the cinnamon chips?我从来没有听说过他们。圣诞快乐!!

  6. Hi i would like to make these cookies but i cant get my hands on baking soda atm what can i use instead??

  7. Hi Basil 🙂 I have some questions,how many grams has the stick of butter,我住在欧洲,这是250gr的包,还有法国香草粉,必须是法语吗?我似乎找不到,只要香草布丁粉就行了,正确的?thank you.

    • 嗨,吉娜,是的,香草可以。你可以做任何你想做的口味。
      It should be 113 grams for a stick of butter.

      • Interesting,113克黄油,我没有厨房秤,所以我得猜猜看。我会尽力为圣诞节做这些漂亮的衣服,I will let you know what came out.
        Thank you.

  8. 我想尝尝你的可卡因,可是我手上拿不到小苏打水???

  9. 我希望我能读懂大家的评论,I bought actual pudding.Can that step be skipped or is it an important part of the cookie??

  10. 你好!这些听起来很神奇,在我提出它们之前,我有两个问题(哑巴):
    2) after step 2 do you combine the mixture with step 3?可能显而易见,but just wanted to confirm 🙂


    • Hi Alexis!你要用速溶布丁粉。把包撕开,把粉末量出来。
      Yes,after whisking the dry ingredients you mix in the wet.我们更新了插件,所以现在应该显示全部内容。

  11. 只是想给你留个便条,让你知道我们非常喜欢这些饼干和糖霜。Took me awhile to get to them to make but they turned out super.我丈夫向大家讲述了这一切,我跟很多人分享了食谱。William Hill棒球This ranks up at the top of my cookie list and I have made lots.谢谢分享。

  12. I've never seen cinnamon chips..not sure where to get them??这些冰冻得好吗???

  13. 非常漂亮的饼干,我也喜欢这个故事!It's so wonderful that your grandma took the time to write down some of the stories of her life,what a treasure for you!!

  14. 我想起了我爸爸和他工作的一个家伙,他过去常常在工作场所的午餐盒里搜寻糖果棒之类的东西。爸爸受够了,在好时酒吧的后面涂上了融化的宽松油漆。那家伙再也没有偷过其他午餐的零食了!Lol!!

  15. 我想收到你的食谱。威廉希尔网址它们看起来很漂亮。

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  18. That's such a funny story!I can totally see my mom doing 威廉希尔公司买足球something like that.爱这些!!

  19. I hate it when people ask stupid questions….but now it's my turn!你用已经做的布丁还是混合了粉的布丁?我等不及要试试这些了!!

    • 我有同样的问题。I just made these and they turned out horribly flat.几分钟后我要去杂货店,想确定我买对了布丁,试穿两圈!🙂

      • 由于某种原因,另一个问题没有表现出来,所以我猜。这是速溶布丁,你只要加干粉,不是真正的布丁。Just a basic pudding cookie 😉

      • Mine turned out really flat too and I used the instant pudding powder,so I'm not sure what happened 🙁 I measured everything correctly.I may try again with heaping the flour and chilling the dough prior to baking.

      • 六羟甲基三聚氰胺六甲醚,你用的脂肪有多热?你总是可以用酥油代替黄油来帮助它们蓬松,把糖和脂肪混合更长时间。我们已经做了好几次了,我还没有把它们弄平,但是我非常相信用奶油糖来制作饼干。

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  21. 这些看起来绝对是天堂!!!I can't wait to share them with my faves from the week this Friday morning @!!

  22. 我看过饼干面团填充肉桂卷,但是这个更好!看那美妙的霜冻。

  23. 天哪,我喜欢那个故事,真有趣!So sweet that you're sharing a story from your grandma 🙂


  24. Carrian这些看起来真好吃!我不得不嘲笑你奶奶的故事:)谢谢你和我们分享她的一小部分!!

  25. 今天在G+上看到这些!好吃!!

  26. 我无法联系到霜冻的工作吗?上面说找不到页面。Can you post it or email it to me.谢谢。我迫不及待地想做这些!!!!

  27. 这些饼干看起来很神奇!I love that frosting.🙂

  28. 哇,连那个安静的乡村女孩也不时地耍花招。他有没有发现是你?这些肉桂饼干看起来很好吃,我正在打印食谱,并把它传给我的妻子。在别人责备我让我妻子做这些之前,she loves to bake and trust me doesn't allow me in the/her kitchen!!